Why ban college football

It may be a way out for four years, it may be a way out of fun and games and getting a lot of cheers and being privileged but what happens after those four years. They don't retire with that much money and they have no job skills, they have no skills.

It was the first multi-year shutdown of an athletic program since the NCAA adopted the "repeat violator" rules. I have a feeling these programs don't make any money and no one is really, on any level, presenting a good argument to me as to why they should exist in an academic setting.

I've asked myself what kind of purpose this really serves. During the probe, head coach Ned Fowler and two assistants admitted to paying players. And a lot of them don't. Kansas basketball, [ edit ] Shortly after Kansas won a national title inthe Jayhawks were found guilty of numerous NCAA violations.

That possibility will depend upon whether those responsible for this university are convinced that the factors that destroyed the program are not going to beset it again. However, they felt they had no choice after their investigation at SMU led them to conclude that the program was completely out of control.

You look at a Cam Newton or a Tim Tebow and these guys generated millions of dollars for the schools, both in terms of success, merchandise and they're not getting a cent. In fact, it was Fort Valley State University. It's a problem, the association says, that extends to many universities and athletic departments.

So at the very least let the NFL kick in a billion dollars that goes into a general fund, you can figure out a way to do it where it's split between universities.

Four reasons why the SEC is no longer king of college football

The truth is Pryor, Reggie Bush, and Johnny Manziel are not doing anything different from many other college football stars. The team's existing probation was extended toresulting in essentially two full years of lost appearance, broadcast media, and advertising sponsorship income.

If they want to go to class that's fine, if they don't they don't. The rule stipulates that if a second major violation occurs at any institution within five years of being on probation in the same sport or another sport, that institution can be barred from competing in the sport involved in the second violation for either one or two seasons.

It also slapped Morehouse with five years' probation—the longest that can be imposed under the NCAA constitution, and tied for the longest probation ever. They really are being exploited and there's no I think they should go into inner cities and say, "You know what.

Football and basketball need to be severed from the college campus.

'Crop-top' jerseys like Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott's targeted by NCAA

They're like an island and ocean unto themselves. Despite obvious red flags in their applications—the players would have been only grade-school age when they enrolled at the University of Liberiaand one of them did not provide a transcript of his collegiate coursework—Morehouse admitted them. Although Konneh was replaced as coach innumerous other violations—including a player being allowed to compete without proper paperwork—led Morehouse to cancel the season.

In football they're both privileged and passed through and they're exploited. The team was allowed to hire only five full-time assistant coaches instead of the typical nine. So many things can happen, like with Boobie.

The arrests were linked to a wider investigation of point shaving in college basketball that initially involved the City College of New York CCNY but soon spread to several other major basketball powers of the day.

I know in high school football in Texas there was a woman who flunked the starting quarterback who was about to go to the playoffs; she was removed from her job and put in an empty building. It's all about winning at any cost. In its final report, the NCAA said that Kentucky's violations were egregious enough to warrant a death penalty.

Why College Football Should Be Banned

A federal judge ruled Friday the NCAA's ban on paying players for use of their likenesses violates antitrust law, the biggest step yet toward overhauling collegiate sports. Apr 26,  · Spelman College, a historically black women’s college in Atlanta recently announced that it would eliminate its athletic department, disband all sports teams and withdraw from the NCAA.

It plans to reallocate the roughly $, in savings — from an overall operating budget of roughly $ The NCAA should ban court storming before something far worse than the NMSU/UVU brawl happens. Auburn is in Alabama, where college-football Saturdays are considerably holier than churchgoing Sundays, so it was odd when Spencer veered from his usual talking points about the perils of diversity to end his remarks by condemning the university pastime.

'Crop-top' jerseys like Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott's targeted by NCAA Players wearing their jerseys with 'exposed back pads' will be forced to sit out a play until the 'equipment issue' is. Why Ban College Football?

Fantasy Football, Real Sanctions

August 16, Why Banned College Football? - Why Ban College Football? introduction?? Why banned college football? That’s the real question.

What Is PASPA, The Federal Ban on Sports Betting?

College football truly means something to most Americans! Most college football players don’t even get paid to play the sport.

Universities shouldn't ban college football Why ban college football
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